Trading Account

Premium Account

Premium Account Designed for average traders with safe and fast transaction.

VIP Account

VIP Account Designed for professional traders. Flexibly various.

Trading Account Types

Premium Account VIP Account
Minimum deposit ($)10,000100,000.00
Minimum trade volume(Lots)0.011
Currency Pair28Types28Types
Precious Metals2Types2Types
Crude Oil1Types1Types
Scalping and Hedgingyes
Email Supportyes

Kings Mam Account

PRC has created a new MAM account management system KingsMam for the fund managers. The KingsMam developed by PRC is simple and fully functional, and is a necessary weapon for fund managers. All processing methods of KingsMam are based on server processing, which combines the advantages of speed and reliability. Multiple accounts can be traded at the same time with one click, and there is almost no delay in allocating trading volume.

Advantages of Kings Mam

  • Configuration parameters will change in time
  • Control all management accounts in a single interface
  • Real-time monitoring of the net value and profit and loss of the management account
  • Real-time control of the amount of all management positions accounts
  • Can get historical reports and calculate commissions

Feature of Kings Mam

  • Can allocate trading volume by fixed lot size
  • Trading volume allocation by net worth ratio
  • Allocate trading volume by available margin ratio
  • Support for Expert Advisors
  • Monitor the distribution of volume of each sub-account, you can set a distribution -plan for each investor or investment manager and follow their profit and loss