Privacy Right Policy

Privacy security is critical to all of us. As a part of normal service running, we will collect and disclose to others under certain circumstance the personal information of the clients concerned. These Privacy Protection Terms and Conditions have described how we collect and deal with the client’s private information.

  1. Collection of Information
    We will collect the client’s information from the client’s application form, registration information, transaction records and credit records, with a view to providing better service to the clients.
  2. Disclosure of Information
    Except otherwise required by laws, we will not disclose the personal information of the client to any third parties.
    To the extent permitted by laws, we reserve the right to communicate the client’s information with our affiliated enterprises and partners.
    The information includes the client’s registration application information, the transaction records and the credit information. Partners shall also keep the clients’ information confidential.
  3. Disclosure of Client’s Information
    Except otherwise required by laws, we will not publish the information of our past clients to the public, even though these clients have closed their accounts.
    If required by the judicial organizations, monitory agencies and other relevant bodies according to laws, we may probably provide the relevant information of the clients.
  4. Protection of Information
    We protect the security of the personal information by the physical, electronic and institutional means. We prohibit our staff to access to the information for other purposes.
    Only our authorized staff can access to such information due to operational needs.
  5. Modification of Information
    We try to guarantee complete and accurate information of the clients, know about the client’s real needs and provide convenience for the clients to modify the information.
  6. Security of Information
    We prevent such information from illegal access by others as much as possible by taking the latest security measures, in order to maintain the security of the clients’ information.
    We have set password to protect the clients’ account information and personal information. Clients are supposed not to disclose the password to others.
    It is not absolutely safe to transmit the data through Internet or a single wireless network. Thus, we cannot ensure the security of any information sent to clients while we try to protect the personal information of the clients.Therefore, the clients are expected to be solely liable for any consequences caused thereby.
  7. Amendment of Clauses
    We may amend these Privacy Protection Terms and Conditions from time to time. If we make relevant changes in use of the personal information, we will publish the changes on the website accordingly.
  8. Problems and Suggestions
    We welcome our clients to pay close attention to any changes in theses Privacy Protection Terms and Conditions published on our website or any service problems on a long-term basis. You could send your opinions and comments to our Customer Service Department.