These services are additional services and will be introduced as optional services according to the customer's intention upon consultation.

MT4 Docking CTP

The nation's first MT4 docking CTP- PRC pioneered the MT4 docking CTP system, allowing investors familiar with MT4 operations to expand their trading offerings and offer the opportunity to choose to trade a variety of financial products.

System Stability:
synchronize with CTP market, fast transaction speed, the true millisecond response
MT4 EA program supports intelligent transaction, the price of automatic alarm
Mobile Trading:
Meta Quotes official MT4 mobile terminal, support for Apple and Android
Transaction record:
the transaction number is in the futures company, the margin monitoring center can query
Risk control system:
Bronze system, can achieve positive and negative documentary.
Allocation function:
warehousing system, CRM customer management system, multi-level commission system
Complete supporting:
docking third party payment to establish the deposit and withdrawal system, all supporting services are complete
docking domestic futures, crude oil, stocks and other financial products

If you want to know more about CTP, please email, we can discuss and choose the best way to cooperate.

Brokerage Cooperation

PRC provides global brokerage business, and PRC's brokerage system is based on long-term cooperation, mutual trust, and mutual benefit for serving customers.

PRC provides global brokerage services

Our brokerage system is based on long-term, mutual trust and benefit of serving customers.

  • Provide advantage spreads and trade execution
  • Timely review customers
  • The withdrawal will arrive on the same day
  • Timely and accurate financial transparency
  • The CRM system’s tracking management queries is especially convenient and simple
  • Efficient and Reasonable Commission Return System

If you would like more information about the PRC brokerage system, please send an email to

CRM system

The CRM system developed by PRC's experienced IT/back office management/marketing/transaction and finance experts, which has been engaged in the foreign exchange industry for many years, is completely seamlessly connected to the MT4/5 system. It is advanced in technology, powerful in function and easy to operate, constantly upgraded, corresponding to multiple languages, is your most loyal steward

Customer management
  • Can grasp the status of customer accounts and verify the authenticity of customer identity information
  • Real-time monitoring of customer deposits and withdrawals, keeping track of transactions such as closing positions and closing positions Manually or by the clients.
  • Keep up to date with customer transaction records
IB Management
  • Clear IB hierarchy for improved management efficiency
  • Complete commission report allows every change in funding to be traced
  • Distributor rebate, rebate trading, deposit rebate, profit rebate, rebate and other fee rebate can customize automatic mode
Safe and Reliable
  • The use of super-encryption technology to ensure against data leakage
  • The use of the financial sector advanced anti-DDoS attack Design
  • According to customer requirements can be hosted on a server at the highest level overseas data center

Automatic trading system

PRC's R&D automatic tracking system, millisecond calculation with single speed, is the best trading assistant for investors.

  • Without any platform interface, can be realized with a single cross-platform
  • As long as the MT4 account password is bound, the server can be implemented.
  • Can forward / reverse, according to the number of hands / capital ratio is freely configurable
  • Corresponding to EA billing account