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Regulatory License & Registration

PRC Group is licensed and regulated globally.

  • Performance Ronnaru Company Ltd(Cyprus):
  • Cyprus securities and futures commission (CySEC) authorized and regulated, registration no. 253/14 [view]
  • Performance Ronnaru Capital Ltd(Vanuatu):
  • VANUATU Financial Services Commission (VFSC) Authorization and Supervision, Regulatory Number 14788 [view]

The Cyprus Securities Regulatory Commission is the full name of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, abbreviated as "CySEC", and is the financial regulator in the Republic of Cyprus. Since Cyprus has always been a member of the European Union, the CySEC has become an important part of the European Union's Financial Instruments Markets Regulations (MiFID ll and etc). CySEC strictly follows the EU Financial Instruments Market Law and imposes administrative sanctions and severe penalties on brokers, brokerage firms, investment advisory companies and other legal or natural persons who violate the rules and regulations of the Cyprus securities market.

PRC is committed to the safety of client funds, and our client funds are always deposited in regulated independent bank accounts. The company's assets and customer funds are separated and stored to ensure the safety of client funds. In order to maximize the security of the client's funds, PRC has also joined the Investor Compensation Fund(ICF).(what is the ICF).PRC20 years as a day adhering to customer funds safety first, conscientious service customers. This is the basis for creating a good reputation for PRC and the root of absolute trust from customers and partners.