Legal Declaration

Margin trading is an investment with high risks and high return in the financial market. Clients are expected to have a good understanding of the investment mode and the risks of the margin trading before investment. If an investor has opened a margin trading account in the foreign exchange capital market, he can engage in foreign exchange transactions at an amount 100 times higher than the account amount based on the leverage effect. Considering that the investor may probably lose total investment, we should control the capital for investment in the foreign exchange market under a reasonable level—even though the total invested capital is in the red, such loss will not have a strong impact on the financial position.

Our representative’s opinions or views on the future price change of certain currency are for reference only, but not the perspective of PRC. In any case, the investor is expected to bear the investment losses including the losses arising from adoption of the information provided by PRC or from network service failure. Clients are fully responsible for the trading activities via their own accounts, fully understand and accept such conditions, and trade voluntarily on this basis. We will monitor the leverage level of the account in real time, but we do not guarantee to notify the clients whose free margin is close to the minimum margin. When the trading volume of the account exceeds the maximum allowable leverage level under the trading rules, we will reserve the right to force closing all or part of opening positions (when the free margin is lower than 70%, mandatory liquidation is activated automatically in the system).

Foreign exchange margin is a high-risk investment among all investment tools, and is not suitable for all investors. There are both advantages and disadvantages in foreign exchange trade at high financing proportion. Thus, you are expected to carefully consider your investment objective, experience and risk capacity before foreign exchange investment. You will probably lose the investment capital in whole or part. Thus, you are expected to keep away from the investment with capital beyond your risk capacity. Besides, you are also expected to pay attention to all risks related to investment in foreign exchange and gold. If you have any questions, please contact you financial consultants for proper guidance.

etwork trading system carries certain risks, including but not limited to hardware failure, software malfunction, network system connection problems and other unexpected circumstances. As we cannot control the reliability of the connection signal, its receiving line or router, your equipment configuration or its network connection, we will not be liable for the communication failure, misinformation or delay in the network trading. We have a sound backup system and emergency plans, so as to minimize the system failure probability. Meanwhile, we offer transaction service by phone.

The trading platform is equipped with all-round and simple order placing functions and document records. We will do our best to make a deal at a price to your satisfaction. Under the radically changing market conditions, resting order will not always control your losses at a set price, because such orders will become non-executable under such market conditions. There is probably a price gap. You may make a deal at an unfavorable price, including mandatory final settlement resting order under the system, etc. Although online transaction is convenient, time-saving and efficient, it will not reduce the trading risks involved in the monetary transactions. All quotations and transactions are subject to the terms and conditions as set out in the account opening agreement published on our website.

Because every country will adjust the interest rate at any time based on its own situations, you might pay the Swap interest for the position receipts which you are supposed to charge the Swap interest. Any comments, news, researches, analysis, price and other data and information published on our website are for reference only as ordinary market information, and do not constitute investment recommendations. We will not be liable for any losses and damage, including but not limited to any profit loss, arising from investment decision made based on such data and information, whether directly or indirectly. The above-mentioned risks do not represent all risks in margin trading.